Tips for healthy eating

healthy eating

This article provides the key tips for healthy eating and it will also help you in maintaining a balanced diet plan for a smart and healthy body. Please consider the following short but useful tips:

1. Always eat less than the hunger

Eating a bit less than the hunger is perfect for your digestive system and this practice prevents accumulation of extra fat and and calories in the body beyond the need.

less than hunger

2. Eating habits should be improved besides exercise to get complete benefits

Only concentrating on diet to live a healthy life is not enough. Physical exercise along with a balanced diet plan is the best strategy.

 exercise and food

3. Not only quality but quantity also matters

Sometimes the food with less calories creates an illusion and the eater keeps on taking less calorie food in large quantities because he is satisfied that he is not consuming extra calories. This results in an imbalanced diet intake which ultimately causes fat accumulation in the body. So also take into consideration the quantity of food with the quality.

quality and quantity

4. Prefer fresh food over preserved one

Prefer fresh vegetables and fruits over packed or canned food. Preserved food normally contains high calories and unhealthy preservatives.

fresh and preserved

5. Only eat when you are hungry

Only eat when there is hunger. Avoid taking any food if you are not feeling much hungry. Try to reduce the habit of eating for taste; let the hunger drive your eating schedule.


6. Take balanced diet

Besides over eating, under eating should also be avoided. Food is necessary to run the machinery of your body. So balanced food should be the goal not just less food intake. Vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, and proteins should be used in the required amount.

balanced diet

7. At occasions, change routine food with healthy alternatives

Sometimes instead of eating regular food in lunch , take salad and fruits only.


8. Use uncooked carrot or radish

If you are feeling hungry after sometime of eating then use uncooked carrot or radish.

carrot radish

9. Consistency while eating 

When you go for dinner outside, eat as you eat at home.

consistent eating

10. Take protein and calcium

Add eggs, milk, butter, and yogurt into your diet.

egg milk butter

11. Non-vegetarian  vs. vegetarian

Take more vegetables and pulses than meat in you normal diet plan. Take meat in balanced quantity.

meat and veg

12. Don’t be so weight conscious

Don’t check wait everyday, checking it once a week is sufficient.


13. Freshness reaps results

Take fruits and fresh juices. Fresh juices are not only healthy for skin but also for the entire body system. Take less sweet and junk foods.